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3 ways to decide when to enter the market

Dear Traders,

One of the most difficult questions for every beginner is choosing the one trading strategy that will get you the real profit. Although there is a huge number of trading techniques today, even an experienced trader can demonstrate only the average results without the right approach.

There are around 200k traders on Ayrex and every one of them have to decide which strategy to choose. Do you want to know what is working for them? Keep on reading!

In the majority of times, your profit depends on the time you enter the market, so choosing the most suitable one is crucial.

20-25% of our traders prefer to trade with the retracement strategy basing on the Support and Resistance levels.

To secure the investment from the false retracement, a trader enter the market on the second candle to make sure that it's real. In such case, timeframe has to be no less than ½ of the expiration time. In addition, the close attention must be paid to the current trend (retracement from the support line in the ascending trend and from the resistance line in the descending trend).

This strategy is used not only on Short Term but on High/Low as well.

Around 20% enter the market only when the trend suddenly changes.

At the candle, which is coming after 2-4 candles of the different colour, a trader enters the market in the opposite direction, choosing Put if the candle is bullish and Call if it’s bearish. The most important thing here is to enter the market as fast as possible, so execution speed of 0.028 seconds is very handy here. Usually, it’s used on Short Term.

5-10% of all traders on Ayrex use breakouts of Support and Resistance levels.

To eliminate the risks of false breakouts, a trader enters the market on the 2-3 candle, when there is no doubt that it is a breakdown. Sometimes it’s used in ensemble with the Price Action strategies. For instance, after the breakout, a lot of traders wait for the falling back candle, which is followed by the candle moving in the same direction. Only after that, they enter the market in the direction of the breakout.

Not sure which one to choose? Try it all on Demo and decide which one works the best for you!

Sincerely yours,
Ayrex Team.
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