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Robot trading: the ultimate remedy?

Recently we’ve been receiving a big amount of questions regarding the robot trading. That is why we have decided to make a proper research and share results of it with you.

What is robot trading?

Robot trading is an automatic software to trade instead of the owner of the account. What you do is:

  • pick the robot,
  • pay for it (sometimes quite a fortune),
  • switch it on,
  • and wait for the profit to come.

Sounds very tempting indeed. But if we look a little bit deeper - you may change your mind.

How do robots work?

Have you ever used trading signals to make correct predictions? If not, long story short: signal appears on your screen giving you all the important information about the deal you should open (asset, expiry time, direction). You study given information and decide whether to follow that signal or wait for a better one.
Robots do the “deciding” part instead of you. Robots are same signals but automated, they open deals without your interference. As we all know (some from the unpleasant experience of their own) there are no signals with 100% return rate. You’ll be happy to find one with at least 60%.

Should you use robots?

Binary options trading takes time, effort and knowledge to succeed. But once you do - that is a great pleasure to make correct choices on your own. Signals can be a good help in that. But trader should decide whether to trust the signal. With binary options - seconds make a difference. Signal can become false in a couple of seconds - those seconds you take to make a decision. And that can save you from losses. With robot blindly following what signals tell - that won’t happen.

Trading is an art. Master it. Do not let some software spoil all the fun. We will take care of the education materials for you. Stay tuned and improve your trading with Ayrex!

Sincerely yours,
Ayrex Team.
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