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Winners never quit

"If you're going to try, go all the way."
― Charles Bukowski, Factotum

Are you at the point when trading seems to be innumerable challenges and unpredictable obstacles? Read stories of professional traders. They made mistakes and had losses, but never quited. Success can be defined in three words―never give up. Know what you are fighting for to overcome challenges of binary options trading.

Know your 'why'

Why were you attracted to trading Binary options?

  1. You are the boss
    You are the one who keeps everything under control. You do not answer to someone else. You make your own choices.

  2. Work from anywhere, literally
    There are no timings, you are flexible! You can manage your working schedule and easily maintain a balance between your business and personal life. There is no office, you are mobile! Trading allows you to earn while you are at home, on a dinner, on a vacation, in a pulic transport. Winter is coming? Take a plane to the sea, trade on the beach. Check 5 top locations for trading and choose yours

  3. Escape a stressful routine
    Over 80% of employees experience stress at their workplace. 46% of those feel stressed out because of the huge amount of monotonous tasks. 28% reported to be stressed by their co-workers. Being a trader you escape all of that.

Analyze your actions and prepare for success

Now you are to decide which direction to take. You think you've tried a dozen of strategies but still did not find your trading style. Let's analyze your actions step by step.

  1. High expectations
    You’ve expected guaranteed profit and easy trading. Certainly, trading is not as complicated as rocket science, but it requires education and practice. Now you know that trading requires more than 1-2 days of reading and practicing on demo. Set objective long-term goals and plan short-term actions. Read the article on How to learn on your mistakes and get better. We know you can.

  2. Lack of knowledge
    You've learnt basics before entering the market. But then it welcomed you with unpredictable behaviour. The market was flat and in 10 minutes volatility went higher than the Empire State. Learn more about New York session, London session, Bollinger bands (whose?), Scalping (what is that?), Martin Gale (who is this guy?).
    We recommend you to keep a trading journal with vocabulary, instruments, strategies, tools for market analysis etc. to monitor your progress.

  3. Wrong strategies
    You've picked up random strategy and entered the market being sure it works. Strategies, indicators, signals and other tools do not guarantee a 100% success. The best way is to practice all the strategies and tools on a demo platform in different trading hours first. Here you can find needful well-explained articles:
    Three essential strategies
    How to use Bollinger Bands
    Day and night trading

  4. Being alone
    Do not isolate yourself when you can become a part of community. You are not alone as binary options trading becomes more popular everyday. You can find many trading societies in the Web where soulmates meet and share their experience with each other.

Remember when you have entered the market for the first time? You are nowhere near that now! You can always get back to this article whenever you feel discouraged.
We wish you a great success.
Never give up!

Sincerely yours,
Ayrex Team.
Keep trading