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TOP 5 locations for trading

Take your trading goals to the new level with our list of the best coworking retreats

One of the most tempting things about trading is that you don’t have to go to the office every day. Being a trader is still as serious and time-consuming as an office job, but there is an undeniable freedom in it.

According to Globalworkplaceanalytics, around 3.7 million of the US employees work remotely and this figure keeps growing every year. The benefits that people are looking for are clear:

  • You can start anytime and anywhere with your device and high-speed Wifi.
  • Your productivity will increase, while stress level will be lower.
  • No need to wait for a vacation - you can take one right now and go see the world.
  • The most beautiful places of the world can become your working place.

While you’re trying to decide which place to choose to get the best time and trading result in the same time, we’ve made a list of 5 coworking retreats for you.

1. Tribewanted - Bali, Indonesia

This co-working group was found in 2015 in one of the most inspirational places in the world - Bali. Work on your trading style, become a part of the creative community and enjoy the beauty of local culture and nature. If you start feeling down, regular meetings will set you right - with a help of goal mapping, daily support and skill-share sessions. It’s often described as "a successful hybrid between a creative business trip and an outstanding adventure holiday".

Tribewanted - Bali, Indonesia

2. Kumbayja - Seychelles and Mauritius

If you’re looking for a place where work is as good as life can be, that’s the one. It’s not only a great idea, it’s a whole new lifestyle ideal for adventure seekers and people who love to work. Soak up the sun, have the best time on the beach and meet new inspirational people while trading - it’s better than home. Grab a laptop, book a flight and start trading in paradise.

Kumbayja - Seychelles and Mauritius

3. SOHO WORKS - London, UK

This 16,000sq ft creative space is located in the iconic East London Tea Building and has everything that you might need to get your work done. Get the best results with the high-speed and secure internet, get professional advice from experts, chill out in the local bar and stay motivated with the numerous workshops. It looks like a heaven for creative industries and can be the best place for you to create and test a unique trading strategy.


4. Felisa Cowork - Barcelona, Spain

Speaking of the great working locations, Felisa Cowork in the best part of Barcelona is definitely on the list. It’s a warm and welcoming place for all people, who are looking for the individual approach, professional advice and coaching to be truly focused on what you do. Share your ideas and a cup of coffee with people working around you. Sometimes the other person can easily fix the issue that you’ve been struggling with. And you can get a massage there!

Felisa Cowork - Barcelona, Spain

5. Coboat - Worldwide

Join one of the most unusual coworking spaces in the world. Get on board of the 82ft retrofitted sailing catamaran and get your job done with 24/7 high-speed internet connection. It’s a unique combination of working process, great company and adventure for all who is tired of the routine. Coboat fans believe that the Ocean creates an environment where people open their eyes to new possibilities. Who knows, maybe it will help you to analyse things from a different angle.

Coboat - Worldwide

We all might feel demotivated sometimes and changing the environment can also change your trading results drastically. Don’t be afraid of changes, start living your dream - you’ve got all you need for it.

Sincerely yours,
Ayrex Team.
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